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Anthemic summer tune of the year comes from The Blaze: “EYES”

‘EYES’ is accompanied by an official live performance video directed by Thibaut Charlut

  • 13 June 2022
Anthemic summer tune of the year comes from The Blaze: “EYES”

The Blaze are back. After an extensive world tour for their first album "Dancehall", the French duo consisting of Guillaume and Jonathan Alric take a stance on setting foot on stage this summer with an exclusive live show, so their music comes alive again, eye to eye with their audience. The electronic duo decided to offer a new song for this international festivals tour, changed yet solid, unique yet familiar.

The duo's new single "EYES" opens fields of resolving harmonies, sensual mechanics, in the original generous sonic and human spirit of The Blaze. The live anthem features the band singing as one, blending their voices to deliver a unique message, an eye-opening common realization that "this feeling is love".

Their new single is also accompanied by a video directed not by the band itself, but by a third party. Famed directors from La Blogothèque interpret the song with a live performance at the heart of the film, with The Blaze at the center of their visuals for the first time.

Stream "EYES" on your favourite platform here and watch the official live performance video below.

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