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USAW drop new 4-tracker, ‘Disposition’

The EP promises to challenge and delight in equal measure

  • 25 August 2023
USAW drop new 4-tracker, ‘Disposition’

Berlin-based electronic music duo USAW, comprised of Lawrence Kurt and AKUME, have released their latest EP, ‘Disposition’.

Released via the ARTS label, a beacon in the techno realm founded by Emmanuel, the four-track EP promises to challenge and delight in equal measure.

The ARTS ethos, “Pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the art and cultural realm”, seems tailor-made for USAW's inventive approach. It's a match that hints at a fusion of relentless beats and thought-provoking narratives. Given the label's dedication to the unconventional, and USAW's intrinsic edge, ‘Disposition’ is not just another techno EP - it's a statement.

Prepare for a sound that resonates, not only with the foot-tapping masses but also with those who dare to think differently. This release is sure to elevate USAW's standing, positioning them as not only producers but also techno thinkers.

The release follows their 2022 EP ‘Falco’. The duo made their debut with a four-track EP, entitled ‘Distanza’ in summer 2022.

Listen to all the tracks below.

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