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Artists to watch out in 2024: Bubba Brothers

2024 marks a milestone for Bubba Brothers with new releases and high-energy shows

  • 4 January 2024

Bubba Brothers are electrifying the scene with their unwavering commitment to producing vibrant tracks and exhilarating live performances. With a clear vision to enhance their unique "Bubba Sound," characterised by strong bass, tribal beats, and their own lyrics and vocals, they're set to release several anticipated tracks, including their newly-signed EP “Euphoria” with Spinnin' Records. Forthcoming tracks like “Extasia,” “Music Is My Drug,” “Get Lost” and “Underdog” hint at a year brimming with energy and innovation.

The duo remain dedicated to maintaining a strong connection with their audience through their dynamic stage presence and empathy with the crowds. As they embark on a tour across Europe, hitting major gigs and festivals for the first time, the Bubba Brothers also find inspiration in attending concerts like Depeche Mode in Lisbon, blending these experiences into their evolving sound.

What are your primary career goals and aspirations as a DJ/producer in 2024, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Hi guys, and thanks for this opportunity. Well, the goal is every year the same, produce good music, play on nice stages, but most important, continue to get people vibrate on the dance floor. Working hard on some tracks that we believe people will love… Stay tuned.

Can you share some insights into your musical and creative resolutions for this year? Are there specific aspects of your sound or style you aim to refine or explore further?

This year, we want to continue to build up our “signature” sound… Meaning tracks with our own lyrics and vocals, working towards the “Bubba Sound”.

With a new year ahead, do you have any exciting releases or projects in the pipeline that fans can look forward to? Can you provide a sneak peek into what's on your production horizon?

So, as it is public we just signed our EP ‘Euphoria’ with Spinnin’ Records, that will go far into 2024 so we believe, and we are finishing some tracks, and I can tell you few of the song titles, first hand: “Extasia”, “Music Is My Drug,” “Get lost” and “Underdog”... There are more, but these are ready to go in a few days…

On a personal level, what strategies or plans do you have in place to maintain a healthy work-life balance in 2024, considering the demands of a DJ/Producer's schedule?

Well, I’m going to get back to the gym, again!! Like I promise every year. But, this year it’s gonna happen… We have a lot of gigs on a pipeline and we need to be in shape.

What do you believe sets you apart as an emerging artist, and how do you plan to leverage this uniqueness this year?

I believe our strong bass and tribal beats are a part already of our “uniqueness,” along with our mad performance on stage and the absolute empathy with the crowds… So we will try to improve both.

Can you outline any notable collaborations or partnerships you intend to explore in the new year, and what kind of creative synergy do you hope to achieve through these ventures?

We have not decide yet… But I’m sure there will be surprises!

In terms of live performances, what are your touring plans or notable gigs lined up for 2024? Are there any destinations or venues you're particularly excited to visit and play at?

We have some major gigs lined up all over Europe, so there are places we are going to play for the first time, also big festivals, so more than excited… We can’t hardly wait to announce them!

Beyond music production, do you have any non-musical ventures or interests you'll be pursuing in the new year, and how might they intersect with your music career?

There is not much space left after Bubba Brothers, I’ll be continuing to assist to many concerts, Depeche Mode in Lisbon for example and you know...every time you go to these venues, inspiration is always present.

What trends or changes do you foresee in the industry for 2024, and how do you plan to adapt and stay at the forefront of these developments in your career?

We are in the business of getting people dancing, and we are going to stick to our sound, Tech House with Tribal beats and lyrics with a message. So that is what we are going to do.

Looking ahead to 2024, what message or promise would you like to convey to your fans as they anticipate your journey as an artist to watch this year?

We promise to put our hearts and souls into every second of our live gigs!

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