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Artists to watch out in 2024: Cammora

Cammora in 2024: Blending genres and embracing innovation in an electrifying musical journey

  • 4 January 2024

Cammora make waves in the scene with a shift in focus from singles to EPs, reflecting a rich trove of new material. Emphasising a deep connection with his audience, he aims to launch his own music label to gain greater control over his music releases. Musically, Cammora plans to explore emotive and atmospheric elements, blending genres to evolve his unique sound. Exciting collaborations with artists like Jude & Frank and Gregorio, as well as talented vocalists, are on the horizon, promising a year filled with surprises and groundbreaking music. Committed to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, Cammora’s unique blend of experience and innovation positions him as a thrilling artist to watch in 2024, as he promises his listeners an electrifying journey with fresh sounds and dynamic performances.

What are your primary career goals and aspirations as a DJ/producer in 2024, and how do you plan to achieve them?

My primary goal, as always, is to release music that resonates and connects with my audience. In 2024, I'm planning to shift my focus from releasing singles to more EPs. There is a big volume of new records I've been working on, and EPs seem like the best format to share this abundance of new material. Alongside this, a major aspiration of mine is to launch my own music label. The aim here isn't necessarily to release work from other artists but to gain more control over the release schedules of my music. I've found that working with multiple record companies often leads to challenges in aligning schedules to avoid overlaps, which leads to delays. To make these goals a reality, I'm committing a significant amount of time to the studio, focusing on refining my sound and ensuring that each release truly encapsulates my artistic vision.

Can you share some insights into your musical and creative resolutions for this year? Are there specific aspects of your sound or style you aim to refine or explore further?

For this year, I'm focusing on deepening the emotive and atmospheric elements in my music. I plan to experiment with more organic soundscapes and incorporate unconventional instruments to bring a unique texture to my productions. Also, I aim to push the boundaries of my style blending it with influences from other genres to create a more dynamic and versatile sound. My desire is to keep evolving as an artist and stay attuned to the evolving dynamics of the Electronic music scene.

With a new year ahead, do you have any exciting releases or projects in the pipeline that fans can look forward to? Can you provide a sneak peek into what's on your production horizon?

2024 is already shaping up to be an electrifying year with several key releases lined up. I'm particularly excited about a hot club tune that's set to drop, a collaboration with Jude & Frank. It marks our first release together again, after almost two years, and I'm thrilled for everyone to hear what we've been cooking up. The energy and synergy between us have always been phenomenal, and this track is a testament to that. Additionally, I'm reuniting with Gregorio for a release that fans of our previous work will love. We're bringing back our unique peak hour Afro-Tech blend, and I can assure you it's going to be a standout track for the dance floors.

But that's not all. I'm also collaborating with some amazing vocalists for my solo releases, pushing my sound further into new territories. These tracks are particularly special to me, as they bring a fresh dimension to my music, blending my signature style with incredible vocal talents. Each song promises to offer something different, so keep an ear out, because 2024 is going to be a year full of surprises and groundbreaking music!

On a personal level, what strategies or plans do you have in place to maintain a healthy work-life balance in 2024, considering the demands of a DJ/producer's schedule?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is always crucial for me, not just in 2024! My strategy includes being selective with gigs to manage my schedule better, setting fixed studio hours to differentiate work from personal time, incorporating regular exercise and activities for mental and physical well-being, and ensuring dedicated time for family and friends. These steps are key to staying balanced amidst the demanding life of a DJ/producer.

What do you believe sets you apart as an emerging artist, and how do you plan to leverage this uniqueness this year?

What sets me apart as an artist, are my 15 years of diverse experience in the music business under different aliases. My extensive club experience has given me a deep understanding of what moves a crowd. My approach involves blending various genres and styles, a reflection of my rich and diverse musical background. In the coming year, I plan to leverage this uniqueness by continuing to innovate and mix different sounds, creating fresh and engaging tracks that appeal to a wide audience. This fusion of experiences and styles not only defines my sound but also keeps my music exciting and unpredictable.

Can you outline any notable collaborations or partnerships you intend to explore in the new year, and what kind of creative synergy do you hope to achieve through these ventures?

While I can't outline all of my planned collaborations and partnerships for the coming year due to contractual obligations, I am excited about the prospects they hold. Each collaboration is carefully chosen to ensure a creative synergy that aligns with my vision of expanding and evolving my music style. These partnerships, while still under wraps, are with artists and producers who bring their unique sounds and perspectives to the table. The goal with these collaborations is to blend our distinct musical approaches, creating something innovative and refreshing.

In terms of live performances, what are your touring plans or notable gigs lined up for 2024? Are there any destinations or venues you're particularly excited to visit and play at?

There is a lot of planning still going on, so I don’t want to reveal something before it’s confirmed. One of my favourite venues that I look forward going back to is Rocket Club in Milan, Italy. I love that club, the crowd, and the energy they bring! And of course, I love Milan, so I will be spending some extra days there and at Lake Como nearby. Another destination will be Ibiza, Spain. After a couple of years, I am finally going back, and I cannot wait! Stay tuned for the rest of the announcements!

Beyond music production, do you have any non-musical ventures or interests you'll be pursuing in the new year, and how might they intersect with your music career?

Beyond music production, my key non-musical venture for the new year is more extreme off-road driving, particularly in the desert. It's a thrilling activity that helps me blow off steam and maintain my mental health. I consider it a form of meditation, and I plan to engage in it even more in the coming year. Additionally, I'm looking forward to traveling and exploring different places and countries. These travels are not just leisure activities; they provide fresh perspectives and inspirations that often find their way into my music. Engaging in these side activities is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and they indirectly contribute to the richness and diversity of my musical work.

What trends or changes do you foresee in the industry for 2024, and how do you plan to adapt and stay at the forefront of these developments in your career?

I foresee a continued resurgence of 90s and 90s-inspired music, a trend that's already making its way into the club scene. This nostalgic wave is something I'm already incorporating into my sets and productions, one way or another. There is also a growing interest in live band performances in the Electronic music space. Audiences are seeking more substantial live acts that offer not just great music and visual effects, but also an engaging performance. Adapting to these trends will involve experimenting with new formats and collaborations to increase the chances of staying at the forefront of these exciting developments in the industry.

Looking ahead to 2024, what message or promise would you like to convey to your fans as they anticipate your journey as an artist to watch this year?

I want to assure my fans of my commitment to innovation and excellence in music. Expect bold, fresh sounds and dynamic performances in the year ahead. Your support fuels my journey, and I promise to make it a thrilling and memorable one. Thank you for being part of this adventure, and let's make 2024 an incredible year together!

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