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Behind the Beat: A talk with Oliver Marshak and VisualGiant

The pair collaborated on a track titled ‘Midnight Symphony’ this summer. We caught up with Oliver Marshak and VisualGiant to talk about their debut collaboration

  • 18 September 2023

Do you guys knew each other before? What made you come together?

We are cousins from Los Angeles, CA and we’ve always bonded over our passion for music and the electronic music scene since we were at a young age.

Tell us about your journey in the making of "Midnight Symphony". How did you create such a lovely dance floor experience for the audience?

When we started “Midnight Symphony”, we opened up Ableton and started creating loops in the session view with a goal of creating a euphoric melodic piano driven track. The song started to take a turn when we started to explore the idea of combining the euphoric elements with a peak-time energetic drive with the goal of surprising the audience.

Which element of “Midnight Symphony” made you say, “Yes, this is dope!”?

Once we started to test the track out in our sets, we quickly realised the power of the element of surprise the track had on the dance floor. At first they think we’re slowing down our set for a moment to give everyone the “good feels”, but then when the first break starts and our lead synth comes in, they quickly start to realise that a big drop is coming and that we had no intention of slowing down. That’s when we realised we had something special. And then when we bring back the piano and the euphoric element in the next verse, nothing felt better than seeing the smiles we saw in the crowd.

How does it feel that your track received a lot of attention?

Throughout the time that we have grown as artists, we’ve learned that there is something magical that happens when you can take people through a series of multiple emotions. If you can take people on a musical journey and not always give them what they expect, that is where people can create moments together that they remember. As the saying goes, “People will forget what you said, but will never forget how you made them feel”.


Listen to the "Time Bomb & Midnight Symphony" EP below, which came out via Dear Deer Music.

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