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Get to know Elif, the Istanbul-hailing artist exuding an electrifying aura

Celebrating the meteoric rise of Elif as the latest featured artist in Mixmag MENA and Little Pink Book's Spotlight Series

  • 25 April 2023

Turkish DJ/producer Elif has had an exceptionally productive start to the year, and now she's the newest artist to be featured in Mixmag MENA and Little Pink Book's Spotlight Series. Following her highly praised remix of Husa & Zeyada's ‘A Little Fun’ on IAMHER in early February, the Barcelona-based talent released her mesmerising new three-track EP, ‘Letting Go’, via Stil vor Talent.

Elif's anticipated return to the renowned German label is marked by her latest EP, following her previous contributions to Stil vor Talent 300 VA with ‘Juno’ in 2021 and the label's 15 Years VA compilation with ‘Entanglement’ in 2020. The EP opens with the powerful collaboration between Elif and German duo Stil & Bense, ‘Let Go’, which instantly captivates listeners with its sinister, underground vibe.

The second track, ‘Sombre’, showcases Elif's playful side, as she partners with long-time friend and recent production partner Gespona. The pair experiment with melody, texture, and tonality throughout the whimsical seven-minute track, exploring an array of minimal, underground tones.

Finally, Elif concludes the EP with her dynamic solo offering, ‘On My Own’. Demonstrating her boundless creativity in the studio, Elif delivers rolling grooves, shuffling rhythms, and warped synthesizers, bringing the extraordinary release to an impressive close.

Hailing from the cultural heart of Istanbul, Elif has quickly established herself as a leading talent in dance music. With a slew of internationally acclaimed releases on labels like Anjunadeep, Kindisch, and Gardens of Babylon, the prolific producer has carved out a unique sonic path since her debut in 2019. Elif's talents are evident both in the studio and behind the decks, as she captivates audiences with her hypnotic drum patterns, intricate arps, thumping kicks, and driving bass lines.

Elif says: "Being a women in a male dominated industry has its own challenges and to do this in the Middle East can be even more challenging. But it’s as rewarding as it’s challenging. Middle Eastern women are some of the strongest I know. The society still judges women more on their looks, age etc compared to men, so my advice would be to do whatever you want and just be yourself. The scene is still male dominated and more and more labels, agencies and promoters are trying to include more women on their line ups & rosters. It’s something we can take advantage of for sure. My biggest advice is if you have such an opportunity and you are part of the female representation in the scene please don’t take it for granted. Strive to be better and better so that no-one can say that you are only where you are because you are a woman. Don’t forget you are paving the way for a more gender equal generation of the industry. Be the best you can.”

Take a listen to Elif’s latest EP below.

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