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Get to know Kayan, the Riyadh-based artist shining with uncommonly cool assurance

Kayan kickstarts Spotlight Series with her mix featuring a minimal deep house expedition

  • 8 March 2023

Riyadh-based DJ-Violinist and producer Kayan is drawing a lot of admiration and focus recently with her unique sound and passionate performances. Her love for music started in Riyadh and has now become the driving force behind her journey into the world of electronic music.

Displaying an uncommonly cool assurance early in her career, Kayan always makes her shows one-of-a-kind, comprising of organic rhythms, soundscapes, beats, reworked versions of songs, and different samples which are amplified by her heavy basslines, arousing the crowd to dance.

Kayan's sonic experience weaves together human feeling through sounds and mixed media. As she plays, her compositions and performances contain multiple levels of glowing electronic music that form entrancing harmonies that move the audience.

Kayan's passion for music is contagious, and she is always willing to share her knowledge and experience with aspiring female artists. Her advice to up-and-coming female artists is to be genuine about what they do and to do it out of passion for music. She also emphasises that music requires dedication, time, and energy invested, and encourages aspiring artists to learn the craft properly in order to excel at what they do. Above all, she reminds them to enjoy the journey of learning and exploring.

On this significant International Women’s Day, Kayan kickstarts Spotlight Series in collaboration with Little Pink Book, a women in music network and female empowerment platform, by sharing a ranging Spotlight Series mix that represents her diverse tastes. She describes it as a minimal deep house journey. The mix features uplifting sound waves and frequencies, melodic and percussion-based tracks, and is best enjoyed while driving or during the day.

She’s also excited for her upcoming release with WTR: “The EP and track, Crossover, embody the essence of blending music genres and pushing beyond the limitations of a single genre. The melodic and technical beats, cuts, and progression of deep house music create a fusion of sounds that take the listener on a journey. Beyond the music, Crossover represents our human journey, crossing over from one dimension to another. Amnesia is a natural element of this journey, as we may forget where we come from and detach from our current reality. The waves of sound in my upcoming EP create a melodic journey that both sinks deep into the soul and spontaneously moves the body to dance.”

With her passion for music, unique sound, and dedication to sharing her knowledge, Kayan, the founder of local platforms Dub Saudi and Project Resonance, is definitely an artist to watch in the electronic music scene.

Listen to Kayan’s Spotlight Series mix below.

Andrey Pushkarev- First Snow
Toman - Solans
Andrey Pushkarev- Picea Abies -
Loquace- Black Point
Mihai Popoviciu- Tomorrow
Premiesku - Cu Balans
Nick Beringer- Here and There
Argy - Siesta (Livio & Roby Remix)
Alice Clark- Vibrational (Toman Remix)
Nick Beringer- Polyman

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