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Marhu: “Even if it’s considered as a ‘dark’ music, techno brings so much happiness”

Marhu has got big dreams for the future, and she's well on her way to making them a reality

  • 6 October 2023

You are relatively new to the techno scene but also climbing the stairs of being one of the most sought after artists in a fast pace, what has changed for you since your wider introduction to the scene as Beatportal’s emerging artist? What are the elements of this success story?

I’m lucky enough to be living my dream! My passion is my job and I’m feeling very grateful for everything that has come so far.

The introduction to the scene as Beatportal’s emerging artist is a great recognition of my hard work. As well as other articles from Mixmag, Parkettchannel, Techno Mood, Attack Mag and many others.

But let me tell you, the scene in Europe is getting really hard, there is more and more competition out there and you have to be excellent on all fronts. You really need to be strong and determined!

Very often people think it’s super cool and glamour to be a DJ but it’s really not haha. For example a few weeks ago I was scheduled to play at Solar Festival in Roermond, Netherlands at 12:30 AM, which was a good two hour’s drive away. After my set, I hopped in my car and drove 3 hours to Virton in Belgium for Murmur Festival. I wrapped up my set around 2:30AM and it was another three-hour drive back home. All of this was happening in some pretty shitty weather with mud everywhere, not exactly the image people get from DJ.

Despite the challenges, my joy and love for music drive me to create and stay focused on my goals each day. I try to not stay static even if Im not creating music.

It’s a wild ride and I’m loving every minute of it, mud or not. I have also met so many great artists along the way.

Your first release was on A*S*Y*S' label Fe Chrome. A*S*Y*S is one of the well-known names in the techno scene, could you tell us how did you get signed? And how has this impacted your future moves?

I’ve started working with A*S*Y*S in 2020 by sending my very first tracks and the journey started from there. Then we shared some line ups en became very good friends. The energy of Fe Chrome resonates with my vision! Quality over quantity. A*S*Y*S has become like a mentor to me! First of all he is an incredible producer, always guiding me through refining my craft. Beyond the technical aspects, we’ve had enriching conversations making our connection even more meaningful.

I’m excited to share that we are currently working on our second collaboration track together called “Fever Dream”. Stay tuned!!

You like to be on the dark and aggressive side of the sound spectrum in your productions and techno is dark in general as well. When producing your tracks, which elements do you focus on to create this dark ambience?

Describing music is such a difficult and personal thing to do. I believe that each listener brings their own unique interpretation and emotion.

I like strong kicks, flowing bass lines. I try to keep my productions quite “minimalistic” , I like when it flows beautifully like my track Wildfire. For my sound it’s important to start with an interesting lead or sequence and solid drums! I often use a TB 303 but try to not over do it. When I get inspired for a catchy vocal I write it down and quickly go to my studio to record my voice.

Knowing you personally, I know that you are an artist with a warm and a unpretentious heart, how do you manage to balance the dark and the bright side?

Thank you for recognising this, I consider myself as a very positive, joyful and down to earth person. Even if it’s considered as a “dark” music, techno brings so much happiness. People who have witnessed my performances live know that When I am behind the decks I’m the happiest girl in the world and I can’t stop smiling!

Techno is also a great way to connect with people. I’ve made some friends while I was on tour in Colombia, Georgia or Saudi Arabia for example. And I’m still in contact with them!

Digging for some new records bring also a lot of joy to me!

You are a name familiar to Mixmag with your collaborative track 'Hooked'. What do you think put you in the radar of Mixmag? Please elaborate the journey with ‘Hooked’.

After two year of working together and a few singles on FeChrome, A*S*Y*S and me thought “why not team up and merge our two styles together”. We joined forced and “Hooked” came to life! I’m lucky to have my first records on a very strong label as FeChrome which has good support from artists and platforms like Beatport.

A*S*Y*S is a well established producer and we worked hard together to have the right communication (clip, photos, etc)

You work with Adapt Management? How did this happen? What do you think made them sign you as one of their artists?

Well, as Adapt are responsible for A*S*Y*S his management, and due to me working together with A*S*Y*S quiet some times in the past few years, I have been in touch with Adapt off and on the last few years as well. I really liked the way they worked together with A*S*Y*S so after a while I asked them if they would be interested in also managing me. They have been looking at my progress since then, as they never onboard an artist immediately, so when I left my old management we decided to join forces and I finally signed with them.

You are one of the most sought after artists in these days. How is it like to receive so much attention?

The pressure to always create can be overwhelming. As well as the social media presence. But I know that i am still at the very beginning of my career and still have everything to prove so in my own mind I’m not even close to where i want to be or that I feel that I’ve earned to be in the spotlight, not at all. The attention is nice but I’m always realistic on where the attention is based on, and for me it’s all about the music and crafting my production skills. Hopefully, and I believe this, quality will always find its way.

How do you balance your work and life? What is your passion when not making music?

Good question! I haven’t quite found the perfect balance yet hahah. Let’s say I’ve definitely missed some romance or beach time due to the demands of my music career. However, I prefer to see these as choices rather than sacrifices because I’m incredibly passionate about what I do.

When I’m not making music , I spend time with my family and friends catching up, or doing sports I like yoga, tennis, padel,.. I also like cooking. And I try to go out when I have a weekend off. At the end we are all ravers at heart.

You also have a very distinct fashion style that is combined with a cool artist profile. How do you combine all?

Hahah thank you. I try indeed to express my interpretation of techno through more ways than only music. Fashion is another form of artistic expression that complements my music. I’m a big fan of artistic photoshoots! They allow me to showcase my style and personality in a unique way, as an extension of my art. When I go on stage I like to have a specific outfit or accessory. It’s like it gives me an extra boost of power and personality.

I would love to create a clothing line one day!

I always ask this final question because I think trends inspire the future. Where do you think techno will be in the next few years? Where do you see yourself then?

Techno has become so big and popular now compared to what it used to be!

I hope that the new trend will be to play “mixed” genres sets. With this new hard techno trend a lot of tracks sound similar with this rave synth. I like to play a few hard techno tracks in my set, but I always try to build my set the most flow possible going from raw, hypnotic, peak-time, hard techno, breakbeat, psytrance... Sometimes I miss the good timeless techno within 136 and 142 BPM.

I don’t like seeing that the room is still empty and the warm up DJ bangs 160 BPM and won’t care about anyone else. It’s like he has no feelings or emotions. Sometimes it’s not about you, it’s about the progression of the night!

About my goals, I am an ambitious girl and have big dreams haha. I’m currently focussing on my next productions, I would like to release a track on another well established label, eventually collaborate more with other artists.

I want to experience all the best festivals and clubs in the world, expand my knowledge. Make new music, meet new people.

Launch my new techno concept (stay tuned), throwing parties and in the future running my own label!

Work hard, dream big!


Take a listen to Marhu's top tracks below and follow her on Instagram.

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