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200 Shams releases new double single, ‘Atmana Akhtaf Youm / 5-HT’

“The tracks are by no means a revival effort, it's more of a look into the future, while recognising the past”

  • 20 September 2023
200 Shams releases new double single, ‘Atmana Akhtaf Youm / 5-HT’

200 Shams, the Egyptian singer-songwriter and music producer, has dropped a new double single entitled ‘Atmana Akhtaf Youm / 5-HT’.

‘Atmana Akhtaf Youm’, the first track, immerses listeners in a lively concoction of bouncy beats, cosmic synths, and guitars. Drawing inspiration from the late 70's to mid 80's Egyptian, Libyan, and Lebanese synth production techniques, the track exudes a Mediterranean pop flair. The vocals are masterfully manipulated to align with the groove, resulting in an exhilarating auditory experience.

The second track, ‘5-HT’, presents a more menacing ambiance. With an acid-infused bassline and haunting drums, it offers a darker electronic rendition of the early 2000's Egyptian Habibi Pop. A sparse, poignant vocal sample punctuates the track, adding depth to its allure.

200 Shams has a mystery-driven persona and a string of EPs and singles that vary from release to release. He has performed in various festivals and events, such as Sónar festival and Redbull’s Mazzika Salonat. He has also provided soundtracks for fashion brands, such as Calvin Klein.

Listen to 200 Shams’ new tracks below.

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