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ARIINA lands on Berlin Techno Music with ‘Desulive Reality EP’

Qatar-based producer Deus Deserto also contributes a remix

  • 15 September 2023
ARIINA lands on Berlin Techno Music with ‘Desulive Reality EP’

In a vibrant new offering from Berlin Techno Music, the Dubai-based DJ and producer, ARIINA, unveils her latest EP, 'Desulive Reality'.

The opening track ‘Mystic Voices’ is a robust cut, merging techno beats with melodic synths. The track builds up to a notable drop that will resonate with dance floors. ARIINA showcases her knack for crafting engaging techno atmospheres.

The title track 'Desulive Reality' encapsulates everything we've come to expect from ARIINA: a tantalising blend of energised techno beats, underscored by intriguing melodies. It builds with palpable momentum, culminating in a drop that's nothing short of arresting.

Meanwhile, the sonic landscape of 'Desulive Reality' undergoes a transformation in the hands of Qatar's Deus Deserto. His remix is a brooding, intense affair, transporting listeners on a journey that could easily echo through the halls of top-tier northern European clubs.

'Desulive Reality EP' by ARIINA is available now, check it out here.

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