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3Phaz releases new 7-track LP: ‘Ends Meet’

The Cairo producer’s new LP envisions a different kind of future

  • 14 March 2023
3Phaz releases new 7-track LP: ‘Ends Meet’

3Phaz has released a new LP, entitled ‘Ends Meet’, on London label Discrepant.

An enigmatic figure, 3Phaz is making waves in the Cairo’s electronic music scene with his distinct approach to music. The Egyptian DJ and producer merges electronic beats with the traditional sounds of Cairo, creating a unique listening experience. 3Phaz believes music should stand above anything else, so he chooses to remain anonymous.

What sets 3Phaz a significant figure is his ability to create music that transcends identity. In a world where labels and boxes are all too common, He acts as an entity in itself, conjuring sounds from the past and future to create a new dimension of music. ‘Ends Meet’ is the perfect example of this, with each track taking the listener on a journey through different sonic landscapes.

Widely recognised for his self-titled debut LP ‘Three Phase’, he introduced a vibrant and contemporary outlook to the Egyptian Mahraganat/Shaabi sound. The album was released on the Egyptian label 100Copies in 2020. His Nuits Sonores set was featured on Boiler Room in 2019.

In his sophomore LP, the artist imagines a divergent future that is not necessarily idealised, yet is more cheerful and rejoices in the flawless ability to capture and distribute its syncopations. Through seven percussive pieces made up of powerful kicks, sharp hand drums, fast-paced rhythmic explorations, and traditional synth flute-like melodies, 3Phaz has crafted a set of intense and captivating DJ tools for bold dancefloors.

You can get ‘Ends Meet’ now; do so here.

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