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Ableton unveils next-generation Push with standalone capability and MPE support

Newly minted as a standalone instrument, Ableton's latest Push no longer requires tethering to a computer

  • 23 May 2023
Ableton unveils next-generation Push with standalone capability and MPE support

Ableton has just rolled out the most recent evolution of its acclaimed Push hardware. Boasting MPE compatibility, standalone functionality, an integrated audio interface and hard drive, plus a redesigned jog wheel - this is an amplified successor to Push 2.

It's been almost a decade since the first Push made its debut, with its successor, Push 2, emerging eight years ago. In that interval, the hardware market has burgeoned with a plethora of control devices, and the clamour for a standalone version of Push has been steadily on the rise.

Today, the Berlin-based tech giant breaks the news about its latest creation - the new Push. The announcement is certain to thrill the brand's devotees. But let's dive into the details.

The new Push is designed to encourage creativity, inviting users to play, produce and perform without any distractions. It can operate independently or in conjunction with a computer. What's more, Push is upgradable, with interchangeable components that ensure it can continue serving as the hub of your studio for years to come.


Equipped with 64 MPE-enabled pads, Push can sense the pressure and position of your fingers on both X and Y axes, granting you sophisticated control over each note. This enables a wide array of musical expression, from bends and slides to filtering specific notes within a chord or playing multiple articulations on a single pad.


Push allows you to plug in external instruments, synths and effects directly into its built-in audio interface, making it possible to record straight into your Push set or into Ableton Live. It also supports sending gate and CV signals to your modular equipment, enabling a hybrid Eurorack/Push setup, or interfacing with class-compliant MIDI devices.

Standalone Playability

As a standalone instrument, Push is engineered to serve as the core of a computer-free music setup. Thanks to its built-in battery and storage, you can create music cable-free, utilizing the instruments and effects you're familiar with from Ableton Live, as well as your personal Packs and sample libraries. WiFi connectivity enables seamless transfers between Push and Live.


Push offers two configurations to cater to a range of needs and budgets. Outfitted with a processor, Push operates as a standalone instrument. Without a processor, it requires connection to a computer. If you opt for a processor-less Push, you can install one later using the Upgrade Kit. Future-proofing is also on the cards, with options to replace the processor, hard drive and battery as technology advances.

The standalone configuration of Push draws its power from a specifically adapted Intel® NUC Compute Element, a credit-card-sized device that houses a processor, RAM and WiFi.

You can purchase Push right now via

Pricing for the standalone version of Push is $1999, while the computer-tethered version is available for $999.

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