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R3HAB remixes Acid Arab’s ‘Habaytak’

A more intense dance experience

  • 21 November 2023
R3HAB remixes Acid Arab’s ‘Habaytak’

R3HAB brings a unique touch to Acid Arab’s track “Habaytak”, infusing it with his Dutch-Moroccan style and a distinctively darker energy. The release is further enhanced by a compelling music video, directed by the French filmmaker Jean-Charles Charavin.

“Habaytak” is a standout track from Acid Arab’s latest 10-track album, ٣ (Trois), which came our early this year. This album represents a decade of fusing Western electronic beats with Eastern influences, an approach that has captivated audiences globally. Since their emergence from Paris with the debut album “Musique de France” in 2016, Acid Arab has performed in numerous countries across four continents, releasing three albums under the respected label Crammed Discs.

In his rework of “Habaytak” which features Ghizlane Melih, the Dutch-Moroccan artist R3HAB (Fadil El Ghoul) takes the original’s energetic, hook-laden, and percussively hypnotic Eastern vibe, and injects a faster, darker undertone. The remix introduces a more pronounced House beat, along with a deeper, resonating electronic bass. The existing builds and breaks in the track have been intensified, adding an exciting edge, yet the remix maintains a deep respect for the original’s cultural essence and Ghizlane Melih’s captivating vocals, which remain the focal point of the track.

Speaking on the remix via a press release R3HAB explains, "I’ve been a fan of Acid Arab’s work for a long time now, so I was excited when they reached out. I had a lot of fun remixing ‘Habaytak’, it’s always a good challenge to infuse my sound into different genres and musical cultures. I loved the experience and we’re excited to finally share it with the world!"

Acid Arab state: "This mix of R3HAB’s more mainstream sound with our Arabic inspired electronic music, has spawned a unique and potentially massive track. We’re honoured that R3HAB agreed to add his special touch and individual vibe to our track. We’re proud to see more musical boundaries fall."

Watch the video for the remix below and check it out on your favourite streaming / downloading platforms here.

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