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Apple gears up to launch its first mixed-reality headset

The concept resembles an iPhone designed for your head

  • 18 April 2023
Apple gears up to launch its first mixed-reality headset

Apple is set to usher in the post-iPhone era, touting its latest innovation as the most significant release since the iPhone in 2007.

Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman's recent "Power On" newsletter reveals that Apple's next major product unveiling will be its first-ever mixed-reality (MR) headset, scheduled for June 5, 2023, resembling an iPhone designed for your head.

This introduction signifies a new chapter for Apple as it ventures beyond the iPhone and into a realm where users engage through headsets rather than touchscreens. Alongside the headset, Gurman anticipates the release of Apple's xOS operating system, supplementary services, and a software development kit and platform to facilitate the development of novel app types. It's not hard to envision people communicating using these devices.

Hints about the upcoming launch can be found in an invitation Apple sent out last week for the Annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), according to Gurman. The graphic features an outline of Apple's spaceship campus, implying that the conference will take place at the company's headquarters. The second graphic, depicting a rainbow structure on Apple's campus, bears a striking resemblance to the curved form of the Apple headset when viewed from above.

Gurman asserts that Apple recognizes the lofty expectations surrounding the headset and is unlikely to fuel anticipation if it cannot deliver. Susan Prescott, head of developer relations, reportedly described the conference as Apple's "biggest and most exciting yet," reflecting the company's eagerness for the event.

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