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Henri Bergmann’s Automatik label goes beyond the stars with debut VA compilation, ‘Interstellar VA’

Along with Henri Bergmann herself, the 15-track compilation offers tracks from a mix of artists such as Cenkk, Underspreche, Paride Saraceni, Kaive and Sahar, among others

  • 3 October 2023
Henri Bergmann’s Automatik label goes beyond the stars with debut VA compilation, ‘Interstellar VA’

Henri Bergmann's Automatik imprint has released its debut VA compilation, a treasure trove of 15 dancefloor-ready anthems.

Emerging as a respected hub for innovative club sonics, Automatik showcases the best of melodic and progressive techno from the underground depths. Its essence is deeply rooted in Bergmann's own musical creations. This latest compilation serves as a testament to the label's distinct auditory identity, following a string of impressive remixes and EPs.

Bergmann, deeply influenced by the pulsating beats of the London scene, has meticulously chosen a selection of the UK's rising stars and close cohorts to grace this collection alongside her, such as Hardt Antoine, Paride Saraceni, Sahar, Cenkk & Pattn.

The compilation, titled ‘Interstellar’, ignites with Henri's 'Vision', a track bathed in strobe-lit synths, swiftly followed by Monophase's 'Valkyrie', ensnaring listeners with its electrifying synths and rhythmic drums. Underspreche takes us to trance territory with 'Il Canto Delle Fate', enriched by haunting vocals. Saraceni's 'Intuition' boasts edgy synths and commanding chords, while Yet More's 'What You Heard' intrigues with its raw vocals and shadowy beats.

The dancefloor will be ensnared by Betical's mesmerising melodies in 'US'. 'Rizzo', courtesy of Argia, injects a dose of tension with its robust percussive layers. Bergmann collaborates with Hardt Antoine on 'Can't Escape', a track pulsating with raw vigour.

Cenkk's track is a symphony of operatic vocals harmonising with string sections, set against a backdrop of fluid beats. Bigfett cranks up the tempo with gritty percussions and a powerful groove. Jono Stephenson intertwines heavenly vocal fragments with catchy rhythms, crafting a soul-stirring narrative. Kaive delves into a galaxy of techno, resonating with vigour and sentiment.

The anthology concludes with three masterpieces: Tobak's sublime chords paint a luminous soundscape; Pattn’s 'Indecision' voices a poignant narrative amid an eerie aura; and Sahar’s deft drumming, accompanied by pixelated Krautrock synths, signifies an eloquent end to a techno odyssey that's both comprehensive and chic.

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