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DJ Mel-A drops new single, ‘El Baraka’

‘El Baraka’ is available to stream and download on all major platforms

  • 7 February 2024
DJ Mel-A drops new single, ‘El Baraka’

The Algeria-hailing now France-based artist DJ Mel-A has released her latest single, ‘El Baraka’.

DJ Mel-A's journey took a significant turn in 2005 after teaming up with DJ Coshmar, leading to performances at the Balofar in Paris and a fruitful partnership within the Compos-it label. This period of growth saw her releasing a street CD in 2006 and working closely with DJs like Dj Poska, Dj Battle and Dj Noise P, marking her territory across Europe from Paris to Strasbourg, and beyond to Switzerland and Germany.

Fast forward to recent years, DJ Mel-A has not only established herself in the hip-hop dance battle scene, serving as the official DJ for events like Just A Ladies in Paris and Only for Ladies in Lille, but she has also made her mark with a notable presence at the Printemps de Bourges festival in 2016, and releasing mixtapes featuring hip-hop legends. In 2017, she expanded her repertoire by signing with Addictive Music as both a DJ and producer, showcasing her versatility with the release of her first Beat Tape.

2021 saw her forming the duo Sakala with DJ Master Forever, debuting with the single ‘Sarayane’, followed by a performance at Manuella Marrakech in 2022, and taking on the role of Artistic Director for the Fashion Week in Oran in 2023. ‘El Baraka’ follows the artist's collaborative single with Nhmvc, ‘Galbi’, and her recent accomplishments include hosting the ALL STAR radio show on ADO FM, signing with Universal Music Africa, and achieving top 100 Beatport hits with tracks like ‘Love You’ and its remix, alongside ‘No Pressure’ and the highly acclaimed remix of ‘Monalisa’.

DJ Mel-A's latest single, ‘El Baraka’ promises to be a vibrant addition to her already notable discography. Listen to it below.

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