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Expo City Dubai welcomes Molecule's icy sonic odyssey, -22.7°, this month

Molecule's ‘-22,7°C’ show, set to be showcased at Expo City Dubai on October 27, captures his audacious journey into Greenland's vastness, crafting sounds as stark and authentic as the icy landscape itself

  • 15 October 2023
Expo City Dubai welcomes Molecule's icy sonic odyssey, -22.7°, this month

The Paris-based artist Molecule (Romain Delahaye) is set to showcase his ‘-22.7°C’ show at Expo City Dubai on October 27, Friday.

In a world brimming with sound, Molecule stands as a unique auditory phenomenon. Dubbed the "pioneer of nomadic electronic music", he thrives on challenging conventions, trading the studio's warmth for nature's vast, unpredictable stages. His approach is as pioneering as it is poignant: immerse in an environment, drink in its sounds, and create an album without revising a single note post-adventure.

His latest venture, the ‘-22.7°C’ project, saw Molecule diving deep into Greenland's icy heart. Transporting his home studio, he set his sights on capturing the essence of the polar nature in its rawest form. The journey was no short sprint; three days took him to Tiniteqilaaq, a secluded Inuit settlement nestled on Greenland's eastern coast. Accompanying him was his arsenal of musical weaponry – a suite of keyboards, synthesisers, drum machines, and crucially, state-of-the-art microphones, primed to seize the Arctic's sonic ambience.

Seven weeks amidst the desolate beauty of the Far North bore fruit in the form of a contemplative album, named after the bone-chilling, lowest temperature he experienced during his expedition to the Arctic Circle's fringes.

But Molecule isn't stopping at just an album. This musical masterpiece is poised to be reborn as an unparalleled immersive experience and live performance. It's not just music; it's a clarion call, a novel method to highlight climate change through auditory art, primed to captivate audiences a month prior to COP28 (The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference).

Find more about the free event here.

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