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Fatima Al Qadiri teams up with Gumar on new EP

Out via Hyperdub, the EP featuring lamentation singing includes four tracks

  • 11 March 2023
Fatima Al Qadiri teams up with Gumar on new EP

Fatima Al Qadiri has teamed up with Kuwaiti vocalist Gumar on new EP, also titled ‘Gumar’, named after the Arabic word for “moon”.

The Senegal-born, Kuwait-raised and now New York-based artist Fatima Al Qadiri’s latest project builds upon the themes explored in her 2021 album ‘Medieval Femme’, paying homage to the traditional lamentation singing that both artists were exposed to while growing up.

Gumar, who received formal training in this style of music during her teenage years, delivers elegant and mournful vocals on the four short tracks. In turn, Al Qadiri's minimalist production serves as a subtle counterpoint that provides a sympathetic and cosmic depth to Gumar's ravishing vocals. The EP delves into the theme of unrequited love, a common topic in both past and present Arabic music, and is characterised by its serious and melancholic tone.

Having made her debut with ‘Warn-U’ EP in 2011, Fatima Al Qadiri has earned a reputation as a trailblazing artist whose music is both politically-charged and highly-conceptual. With her thought-provoking releases on Hyperdub, she has established herself as a creative force to be reckoned with in the industry. Last year, she made an appearance on the compilation titled ‘Physically Sick 2’ by Allergy Season and Discwoman curated by Umfang, Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson and Physical Therapy, which raised funds for Brooklyn Community Bail Fund helping those caught in the insidious, punitive cycle of bail and prison. Fatima Al Qadiri also released her score for French-Senegalese director Mati Diop’s Cannes Grand Prix winner film, Atlantics, in 2019.

Take a listen to ‘Gumar’ below.

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