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Hello Psychaleppo releases second single from forthcoming album

Hello Psychaleppo’s nine-track new album ‘Cipher’ will land on August 2

  • 8 July 2024
Hello Psychaleppo releases second single from forthcoming album

Hello Psychaleppo, Samer Saem Eldahr’s DJ/producer alter ego, has released the second single from his upcoming new album, ‘Cipher’, set to be released on August 2.

Elhelwa Di’, featuring vocals from Hamed Sinno, follows on from the first single ‘Marrat Batmanna’ which came out last month and featured Yafa Bakri.

Hailing from the culturally rich city of Aleppo, Syria, Hello Psychaleppo masterfully blends traditional Bedouin melodies and popular Arabic music with contemporary Western genres like dubstep, electro and industrial. His innovative sound, unbound by genre limitations, transports listeners into experimental auditory realms.

Hello Psychaleppo's debut album, ‘Gool Lʼah’ (2013), is heralded as a cornerstone of electro-tarab, a genre that marries Arabic musical heritage with electronic music. His project uniquely intertwines rare Bedouin "Mawwals" and old Tarab choirs with electronic solos and classic arrangements, resulting in a modern yet distinctly recognisable sound. Rooted in the rich traditions of oriental music, he threads these influences through complex industrial structures, creating an immersive experience that defies stylistic boundaries.

‘Cipher’ will be the artist’s 4th album, following ‘Gool Lʼah’ (2013), ‘Ha!’ (2014) and ’Toyour’ (2017). ‘Elhelwa Di’ will be followed by the third single, ‘Jaasoos’, set to be unveiled on July 12.

Take a listen to the newly-shared two singles below, pre-order the full album here.

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