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Van Boom shares first new music in two years

Kuwaiti artist’s new offering ‘NUBORNE’, available digitally and on vinyl, includes four tracks

  • 4 July 2024
Van Boom shares first new music in two years

Van Boom, the Kuwaiti artist known for his debut album ‘Prosthetics’, has released his first new music in two years.

His latest offering, the ‘NUBORNE’ EP, continues to explore the dark and intense themes that marked his earlier work. The EP signifies a thematic evolution, focusing on regeneration and transformation. Across its four tracks, the now Berlin-based artist crafts music that thrives in a live performance setting, where unpredictability and distortion create new sonic structures. The EP features collaborations with whiterose, Safety Trance and Evita Manji, adding to its distinctive sound.

Van Boom's relocation from Kuwait to Berlin has infused his music with a blend of Middle Eastern influences and industrial techno. His debut album ‘Prosthetics’ received acclaim upon its release in 2022, with remixes from notable artists like Deena Abdelwahed, VTSS and E-Saggila, among others.

While he might not gig quite as relentlessly as other DJs on this list, his performances have taken him global: Estonia, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Prague, you name it. In just the last few years alone, Van Boom has gone from strength to strength with mixes for Rinse France, FACT, and NTS, and even made his debut appearance at Berghain at the beginning of 2023 as part of the line-up for CTM Festival.

The four-track record is available via the Cease 2 Exist label. Take a listen to Van Boom’s latest EP below.

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