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IK Multimedia's new studio monitors feature deep bass and automated sound calibration

The monitors automatically adjust sound depending on the acoustics in the room

  • 7 September 2022
IK Multimedia's new studio monitors feature deep bass and automated sound calibration

IK Multimedia has just released its new iLoud Precision Studio Monitors speakers including features such as automated calibration and deep bass.

Available in a choice of 3 configurations - 2-way 5” or 6.5”, and 2 x 5” MTM. All forms of this speaker feature an impressive built-in acoustic calibration system that tunes the sound depending on the space that they are put in.

This is done by connecting the provided MEMS measurement microphone which then corrects the sound produced by the product to the environment in which it's placed.

The iLoud Precision series also includes X-MONITOR, a control programme for Mac and Windows that facilitates ACR calibration and offers a wider range of acoustic and vocal options.

The studio monitors offer a variety of low and high pass frequency management choices, including a switchable Full/35/50/65/90 Hz high-pass filter, in addition to self-calibrating to the listening environment.

To produce full linear phase response above 150 Hz for accurate stereo imaging, the iLoud Precision additionally makes use of its 96 kHz internal DSP processing, digital crossover, and specially designed Class D amplifier; the end result is astonishingly clean, detailed, and lifelike sound quality.

With exact response alignment between the woofer and tweeter drivers, the manufacturers have prioritised time consistency in the new release, providing high levels of time precision without compromising frequency response.

They say this will prevent ear strain from building up after extended listening sessions.

Prices start at $899 for a single speaker and go up to $2399 for a pair of the most advanced.

To find out more, visit IK Multimedia’s website here. Watch the video about the iLoud Precision studio monitors below.