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Imad continues his sonic journey with captivating new single, ‘Ritual’

The latest offering from Imad on Evil Eye, the Beirut label, marks his fourth release in a row this year

  • 26 May 2023
Imad continues his sonic journey with captivating new single, ‘Ritual’

Imad, DJ/producer hailing from Beirut and raised in Lagos, is back with his latest release, ‘Ritual’.

This mesmerising single marks the fourth consecutive release from Imad on the Beirut-based label, Evil Eye, adding to his already impressive musical catalog for the year.

Having made his mark with his previous solo single on the label, ‘Intertwined’, and his remarkable remix of Nightshifts' ‘Beach’ last year, Imad's artistry knows no bounds. With each release, he skillfully combines his Middle Eastern and African heritage with elements of techno and house, creating a distinct sonic soundscape that is uniquely his own.

‘Ritual’ stands as a testament to Imad's talent. As the track unfolds, it evokes a range of emotions, taking the listener on a hypnotic exploration of sound.

Imad's ability to seamlessly fuse his diverse influences with electronic music is a testament to his visionary approach. With ‘Ritual’, he continues to push the boundaries of his creativity, leaving us eagerly anticipating what he has in store for the future.

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