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IND:RA’s passion for music fuels his creative pursuits

The London artist’s debut single ‘Remember Me’ is out on all platforms

  • 5 June 2024
IND:RA’s passion for music fuels his creative pursuits

Unstoppably determined, the talented DJ/producer IND:RA continues to contribute significantly to the development and growth of electronic music. Having embarked on his musical journey over two decades ago, IND:RA has maintained a committed work ethic, driving his quest for sonic originality within his work. From his early beginnings in India, where he played an influential role in the evolution of the dance music culture of his hometown, to his current explorations, IND:RA has consistently upheld high creative standards throughout his career.

IND:RA's sound is rooted in melodic house & techno, incorporating elements from diverse substyles such as psy trance, early electro, acid house and progressive house. This amalgamation allows him to develop a unique signature sound. He focuses on delivering memorable live sets, managing his label Desert Disco Records, and expanding his release repertoire. Earlier this year, he released the track 'Remember Me' via Panda Lab Records.

IND:RA's commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music is evident in his sonic experimentation and support of emerging talents through his label. He is a refreshing asset to the genre, consistently offering powerful soundscapes characterised by thumping beats, driving synths, and bold basslines. His latest venture, a brand-new radio show called ‘RE:SET Radio,’ launched on stations around the globe, provides listeners with a unique opportunity to delve into his diverse and impactful sonic world.

Listeners can expect captivating journeys through hard-hitting music within episodes of his radio show, which celebrates the freshest and hottest sounds in the genre.

The artist’s skills extend beyond the studio, with his energetic music and mixes stemming from his work behind the decks. He consistently translates the danceable vibes of his live shows into his work beyond the stage, maintaining a rigorous live performance schedule. Recently concluding his India tour, IND:RA has performed at iconic venues, including a closing set at Ministry Of Sound. His extensive live performance history is a testament to his talent for reading crowds and delivering expertly crafted sets.

Passion for music remains the foundation of IND:RA's craft and creative pursuits. He continues on a promising path, aiming to reach new heights both in his reputation on the scene and in the sonic exploration of his signature style. Be sure to follow him across social media to stay updated on his journey.

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