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Listen to Laymoon’s debut single, ‘Miye Miye’

‘Miye Miye’ is Laymoon’s second offering that showcases the full-breadth of his capabilities in production

  • 11 November 2022
Listen to Laymoon’s debut single, ‘Miye Miye’

Doha-based DJ/producer Laymoon has released his debut single, ‘Miye Miye’.

Having started producing in Germany before moving back to Doha where he was born and raised, Laymoon has been a part of the Qatar-based collective ODAAT (One Day at A Time) hosting techno and house events with international and local artists with a view to create a community based on art and dance music in the country. Some of their most recent events have welcomed the likes of Retrogroove, Space Motion, Kasango and Clemente so far.

Laymoon’s debut single ‘Miye Miye’ follows his first ever official production, ‘I Am Wind’, which was included in RE: Sound Music’s 3-track mini VA compilation this summer. The artist had been teasing it during his sets for a long time before its release. “Many of you have danced to this over the past year during my gigs, the reaction has been incredible,” said Laymoon on Instagram.

With intriguing vocal samples, tremulous synth licks and phat beats adorned with a wide variety of percussive variations, Laymoon’s new work feels like tailor-made for the dance floors.

Listen to ‘Miye Miye’ below.

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