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Maral reflects fresh refinement of her ‘folk club’ sound with new album, ‘Ground Groove’

An audio-visual collaboration between Maral and Brenna Murphy, which was initially commissioned for Rewire Festival 2021, serves as the album’s basis

  • 31 October 2022
Maral reflects fresh refinement of her ‘folk club’ sound with new album, ‘Ground Groove’

Iranian-American musician and electronic artist Maral has released her third full-length album, entitled ‘Ground Groove’.

Rewire Festival’s 2021 edition was where Maral and the artist Brenna Murphy first worked together on the record. Maral's contribution to the installation is represented by tracks eight through eleven on the album; tracks one through seven were produced afterwards and were motivated by the results of Maral and Murphy's collaboration. The album has Murphy's visuals available as a visual accompaniment. Murphy also designed the album's cover art and directed the music video for the album's lead track, ‘Feedback Jam’, which you can watch below.

‘Ground Groove’ follows Maral’s previous LPs, her debut album ‘’Mahur Club’ in 2019 and ‘Push’ which came out in 2020.

The artist draws upon a vast personal archive of Iranian folk, classical, and pop recordings; furthermore, some of them have been sourced from the mixtapes made by her parents in the 1980s and the 1990s. In her new album, Maral presents a further refinement of her “folk club” sound she is focussing on.

The album is available in digital, vinyl and cassette formats. Check out the 11-track LP below.

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