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Mattias El Mansouri debuts on Aniara Recordings with ‘Tja Hej Salam’

The EP is available on digital and vinyl

  • 23 May 2023
Mattias El Mansouri debuts on Aniara Recordings with ‘Tja Hej Salam’

Sweden-based Moroccan/Chilean DJ and producer Mattias El Mansouri has released his debut EP, ‘Tja Hej Salam’, on Aniara Recordings.

The EP is one of the three consecutive releases on the label, ending a hiatus of four years with no new releases. ‘Tja Hej Salam’ is a testament to Mattias's deft production skills, effortlessly weaving together diverse influences from his Moroccan/Chilean roots. Each track on the EP is a journey through different soundscapes, culminating in a digital-only bonus track, ‘Heliga Berget (Instrumental)’. This debut offering from Mattias El Mansouri is not just a collection of songs, but a sonic story that transcends borders.

The artist’s social media post reads: “I wanna thank everyone that has supported the release so far, Arkajo for the mixdown magic he did on these tracks and Anlara Recordings and Sjoerd Oberman for all the encouragement and appreciation they have showed and continue to show for my music. I feel so immensely grateful to be able to release music on the label that got me interested in dance music in the first place and to have my release alongside so many talented people whose music has been so pivotal for my growth as a producer.”

You can order the digital and vinyl edition of ‘Tja Hej Salam’ now here.

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