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NGO says it will "not accept" proceeds from 'HÖR for Palestine' compilation

HEAL Palestine, an NGO working to provide humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza, has insisted it is "not affailiated" with the Berlin-based radio platform

  • 20 April 2024
NGO says it will "not accept" proceeds from 'HÖR for Palestine' compilation

Humanitarian charity HEAL Palestine has said that it will "not accept" proceeds from HÖR's 'HÖR for Palestine' compilation, despite having been named as the project's official beneficiary, according to a statement seen by Resident Advisor.

Featuring music from Matrixxxman, Henry Brooks, TV.OUT, Visceral Chaos and more, HÖR shared news of the compilation in an Instagram post on Wednesday (April 17), promising that "100% of the funds raised will be donated to HEAL Palestine."

"HEAL Palestine provides urgent humanitarian aid, food, shelter, medical and mental health support for Gaza’s youth while working on long-term solutions for children’s education and well-being," the statement continues.

In a statement to Resident Advisor, HEAL Palestine said it was "not affiliated" with HÖR "in any way," and "is not accepting funds from them."

"We do generally accept donations on Instagram and through our website," the statement continues.

In response, HÖR told Resident Advisor that the compilation was not published as a collaboration with the NGO, "It was simply our initiative to raise funds for an organisation that we want to support and amplify," the broadcaster says. "We apologise for any misunderstanding."

The release follows a months-long boycott of the Berlin-based broadcaster after two artists had accused HÖR of halting their sets due to demonstrations of "solidarity with Palestinians" with their clothing.

HÖR had released a statement in response, detailing that the halting of the sets was due to concerns that the clothing - a shirt that had the Palestinian flag superimposed over a map of Israel and a scarf with the phrase "the land is ours" written in Arabic - could "be perceived as offensive and calling for the eradication of Israel."

A number of DJs asked for their sets to be removed from the platform in response to the apparent censorship, including Jyoty, Bored Lord, DJ Voices, EQUISS, I. JORDAN and umru.

In December, HÖR shared a further statement clarifying its stance on Israel's ongoing invasion of Gaza, insisting that it stands against the "collective punishment brought to Palestinians by Israel's criminal government."

As part of its statement around the release of 'HÖR for Palestine', the broadcaster reiterated its position, writing: "Once again, we call for an urgent and permanent ceasefire, a hostage deal, and an end to the occupation, oppression and violence that is inflicted on the Palestinian people."

"We support the right to freedom, self-determination and liberation of Palestine," it concludes.

HÖR confirmed to Resident Advisor that it is now looking for alternative humanitarian charities that aid Palestinians and will gain approval before sending funds.

You can read HÖR's full statement here.

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