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Paul van Dyk unveils video for Montreal set of his electrifying VENTURE X series

Check out Paul van Dyk's VENTURE X Montreal set alongside namesake track

  • 19 May 2023
Paul van Dyk unveils video for Montreal set of his electrifying VENTURE X series

Dance music luminary, Paul van Dyk, celebrates his live event project, VENTURE X which launched in North America, with the full set video from the project's Montreal gathering.

VENTURE X is a thrilling new initiative where the virtuoso DJ and selector draws from the crème de la crème of trance, progressive house, and techno music, weaving them into a single, unforgettable night of sound. Van Dyk is renowned for channeling the energy of his audience, honing in on the spontaneous nature of his art, and remixing tracks in real-time. Classic beats are reimagined, pushing the boundaries of the familiar, and inviting listeners to revel in the surprise.

“VENTURE X allows me to explore the width of what electronic music means to me, not just what people expect me to play. It allows me the space to play what I think people should really know, feel, and be exposed to. People know me for trance but there is so much more. VENTURE X allows me to do this as a musical concept because I won’t play 130 BPM straight through but rather a wider musical experience. With most DJ sets I find you either have techno but missing the progressive sequence that takes you on a journey or you have a progressive sound that’s missing the punch. For me, that’s what it’s about, the drive, the push, the pull, and the memories that you create,” van Dyk expresses.

VENTURE X had its grand opening on February 17, 2023, in Toronto, Canada at Toybox, and the tour made its way to additional cities including New York City, Montreal, Pontiac, Denver, Portland, San Francisco, and Austin.

Watch the newly-shared full set video from VENTURE X's Montreal stop and check out the namesake single which came out early this year in collaboration with Weekend Heroes and Christian Schottstaedt here.

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