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Pediatric patients in hospitals use virtual reality to learn how to DJ

Especially children in long-term hospital care can find a valuable creative outlet by learning the skill of DJing

  • 9 March 2023
Pediatric patients in hospitals use virtual reality to learn how to DJ

Tribe XR is utilising the power of dance music to launch a commendable new initiative in hospital rooms across the USA.

Despite being a relatively unspoken fact, the reality is that kickstarting a career as a professional DJ with top-of-the-line equipment comes with a substantial price tag of thousands of dollars. Tribe XR is eliminating this entry barrier for aspiring DJs by bringing the industry's best hardware essentials to the virtual realm to teach new generations.

The VR platform offers daily masterclasses and workshops to teach the art of DJing. After partnering with the nonprofit organisation Amp Ur Room, the technology is now increasingly accessible to pediatric hospital patients, many of whom may otherwise endure prolonged periods of isolation during long-term care. Learning how to DJ offers a much-needed creative outlet and means of escape.

Furthermore, the organisation has powered initiatives to create remote concert and entertainment experiences for kids, as well as arranged meet-and-greets with an array of prominent artists.

Amp Ur Room has positively impacted over 2,000 children through its six years of service thus far. To support the organisation's latest endeavours, donations can be made here.