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AlphaTheta Corporation, owners of Pioneer DJ, announce new brand AlphaTheta

The company promises to continue manufacturing state-of-the-art Pioneer DJ products

  • 24 January 2024
AlphaTheta Corporation, owners of Pioneer DJ, announce new brand AlphaTheta

Pioneer DJ's parent company AlphaTheta Corporation has announced the launch of its all-new music product brand, AlphaTheta, launching this week.

AlphaTheta will run side-by-side with Pioneer DJ offering a line of music products just like its sister brand, kicking off this week with the launch of some brand-new products.

It follows Pioneer DJ’s company name change in 2020 to AlphaTheta Corporation in a move to “better reflect the company’s values and vision”. The name refers to the brain wave frequencies achieved during “optimal performance”.

“Music often guides us into these extremely powerful states of mind,” AlphaTheta explains. “Our aim is to use our innovative technologies in sound and music creation to enable and enhance these peak moments.”

The launch also coincides with the 30th anniversary of the original DJ Player launched in 1994, the CDJ-500, paving the way for many more future-thinking, world-renowned products in the decades to follow.

“We’re introducing new products with the AlphaTheta brand as a natural evolution of the company and the brand,” the company announced. “We’ve created a brand that will propel us into the future, while also maintaining the quality and innovation that you’ve come to expect from us.”

AlphaTheta added that the company is “indebted” to its community of DJs, artists, and creators from all over the world who have helped to shape its iconic products over the years.

Moving forward, AlphaTheta Corporation will continue to flaunt a portfolio including Pioneer DJ, rekordbox, TORAIZ, Pioneer PRO AUDIO, KUVO, and the all-new AlphaTheta brand, with a promise to continue manufacturing state-of-the-art Pioneer DJ products.

“AlphaTheta embraces diversity and inclusion, and celebrates the playfulness of DJing and producing music,” the company explains. “We look forward to growing alongside you, the community who are connected by a passion for music and its culture.”

Find out more about AlphaTheta here.

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