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Sam Blacky shares final track from ‘Bogota’ EP, ‘Salvador’

​Sam Blacky returns with her latest tech-house offering

  • 11 October 2023
Sam Blacky shares final track from ‘Bogota’ EP, ‘Salvador’

Sam Blacky returns with her fresh tech-house offering, "Salvador," which rounds out her newest "Bogota" EP with its predecessors, July's "Munca" and namesake "Bogota" from April.

Leading with captivating melodies and resonant, progressive basslines, Sam crafts her sound using nuanced percussive layers and a subtle tribal vocal touch that's sure to resonate in live performances. Blacky adeptly utilises her music to channel the diverse places that spark her creativity. "Salvador" echoes her affinity for Afrobeats, tribal beats and Latin influences, presenting a track reminiscent of tropical parties set against the backdrop of serene beaches.

Speaking about her latest single, Sam Blacky said: “Travel has been my biggest inspiration since I started my journey in the dance music scene. Immersing myself in different cultures and being around people from all around the world has given me the tools to go into the studio and make music that resonates with my soul. 'Salvador' and all the tracks on the 'Bogota' EP capture all the feels from my travels these past 12 months - and shines a light on rhythms and sounds that have stayed with me and made me who I am today. Enjoy!”

Samantha Black, professionally known as Sam Blacky, is a versatile DJ/producer. Hailing from San Diego, she spent significant time in Australia, where her passion for music production and live performance blossomed. Since her return to Los Angeles, her focus has been squarely on her music and performances. From 2017 to now, she has graced stages globally, from Mexico to Ibiza and Bali, performing at some of the most renowned electronic venues and festivals. Amidst the pandemic, she introduced "A New World" on YouTube, showcasing live sets from her beloved spots in Mexico, offering viewers a glimpse of holiday ambience from the comfort of their homes. After launching her debut EP on her own imprint, Stabby Records, Sam has collaborated with Repopulate Mars and Terms & Conditions, recently aligning with Thrive Music. She's also crafted an official remix for the catchy TikTok tune "Gaslight" by Inji.

Listen to "Salvador" below.

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