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Spotify playlist: 105 tracks made with a TB-303

More acid!

  • 3 March 2023
Spotify playlist: 105 tracks made with a TB-303

In celebration of the Roland TB-303, Mixmag has compiled a collection of the finest acid cuts utilising the vital tool that sparked a phenomenon in dance music.

During the formative years of house in the mid 80s, producers were experimenting with a range of hardware tools, one of which, the TB-303, inspired a sub-genre that would greatly impact the early rave generation.

Although Indian producer Charanjit Singh was the first to utilize the TB-303 in producing electronic music, ‘Acid Tracks’ by the Chicago trio known as Phuture has been cited as the first acid house tune. The 12-minute long ballad would later influence many of his local peers and also the burgeoning rave scene in the UK.

With over 100 tracks, Mixmag’s 303 playlist offers an immersive listening experience focusing on the acid genre. Listen below.

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