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Süisse releases new 2-track EP, ‘Lies’

The ‘Lies’ EP is the Doha-based producer's first release in 2023

  • 11 February 2023
Süisse releases new 2-track EP, ‘Lies’

Süisse (Freddie Dawson) has released a new EP, entitled ‘Lies’.

A self release from the London hailing now Doha-based DJ and producer, the two-track record follows on from a series of singles that came out in 2022, such as ‘Buckle Up’, ‘PH.UNK’, ‘Chances’ and ‘Hold On’.

Opening track ‘Lies’ is a vocal house stomper with intriguing synths and sampled vocal yells that add a convivial edge to the mix. The closing one, ‘Breakdown’ relies on a mixture of breakbeat-infused house and electro with a focus on melodies adorned with snappy drums and grumbling bass lines.

Listen to the ‘Lies’ EP by Süisse below.

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