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TIDAL testing new "live DJ sessions" feature

It will allow people to play songs, playlists and tracks to listeners in real time

  • 18 January 2023
TIDAL testing new "live DJ sessions" feature

Norwegian-American high fidelity music streaming service TIDAL is testing a new live DJ sessions feature, which will allow them to play back tracks, playlists and albums to other Tidal members live.

It is currently only available to US TIDAL subscribers on its HiFi Plus plan, who have access to its Early Access beta testing programme, via Digital Trends.

These users can then play back music from TIDAL’s catalogue of 90 million tracks in a “session”, with others joining, where all those listening at the same time will hear the music being played back live.

It means that people can join in and listen to tastemakers select music from anywhere in the world, or also on smaller scales – “a road trip, workout, or party warm-up” according to Digital Trends.

Currently those tuning into the DJ sessions will only be able to listen to the music being played in standard AAC quality format, although those curating the music will be able to listen in whatever quality they choose.

TIDAL was launched in 2014 with a focus on providing high fidelity audio streaming, with users able to stream music using high quality MP3 and lossless formats.

Jay Z bought the service out in 2015 but sold an 80% stake in the company to former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey-owned Square in 2021, for deal worth around $302 million (£249 million).

In November 2022, the company announced that they were adding a free tier for users. It means those not subscribed to premium tiers can access the full TIDAL library and listen to tracks, although limited at 160kbps. There are some interruptions between tracks, which instead of running traditional adverts, the breaks “educate” listeners about the music industry.

Alongside the free tier, the company announced that they would be directly allocating 10% of paid subscribers’ monthly fees to their most-played artists.

To sign up for TIDAL’s HiFi Plus plan visit its official website, and sign up for the Early Access beta programme here.

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