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Tim Porta and Yaaba ‘Feel Your Energy’ on new single

An infectious blend of solid, groovy beats and a retro 70s funk vibe, ‘Feel Your Energy’ leaves you helpless against its dance-inducing magic

  • 29 October 2023
Tim Porta and Yaaba ‘Feel Your Energy’ on new single

Tim Porta and Yaaba have released a new single, "Feel Your Energy," marking a sensational debut for the newly minted Frenchastique Records. Masterfully blending classic 70s funk vibes with a modern house beat that guarantees to set any dancefloor alight, the track is an electrifying journey through sound.

It's a record that exudes groove, with its irresistibly catchy beat and a bass line so compelling it seems to pulse through your veins. This track isn't just heard; it's felt, embodying the visceral power of house music.

Behind the magic is the genius of Tim Porta (pictured), the Dubai-based French DJ and producer. And at the heart of this sonic odyssey are the stunning vocals of Yaaba, which add a mystical layer to the mix.

Tim Porta’s dedication to the classic 'French touch' is evident, paying respect to the roots of the genre while injecting a dose of contemporary flair. "Feel Your Energy" is a perfect fusion of nostalgia and innovation, a track that respects its heritage while boldly looking forward.

This release sets the tone for Frenchastique Records, a label that promises to be a melting pot of musical eras and genres. So, as "Feel Your Energy" echoes out, prepare to be transported; let the rhythm captivate you, let the energy engulf you, and welcome to the thrilling new world of Frenchastique Records.

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