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Tony Kay shares new single, ‘Thinking’

The release marks his first single of the year

  • 12 June 2024
Tony Kay shares new single, ‘Thinking’

Moroccan DJ and producer Tony Kay has released his eagerly awaited track, ‘Thinking’, under his own label, Kay Music.

The now-Dubai-based artist’s new tech house cut features a captivating piano lead, a catchy pop vocal and a vibrant rhythm. In ‘Thinking’, Tony Kay combines meticulous attention to detail with a groovy beat that immediately invites listeners to dance. The piano lead, a standout feature, adds a melodic richness to the track, while the catchy vocal hooks ensure its mainstream appeal without losing the underground club energy. “I wanted to create something that would not only make people dance but also evoke emotion”, Tony Kay shared.

Tony Kay has been making significant strides in the electronic music circle, known for his genre-blending style and high-energy performances. His previous tracks have drawn notable attention, especially the 2023 hit ‘Dihya’. Now, ‘Thinking’ is expected to follow suit.

Take a listen to his new single below, buy/stream it on your favourite platforms here.

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