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Volkan Uca infuses the air with house vibes in Beirut on March 7

The Sin Records founder is set to perform at Deir Al Kalaa Country Club

  • 3 March 2024
Volkan Uca infuses the air with house vibes in Beirut on March 7

DJ, producer and The Sin Records founder Volkan Uca is set to perform in Beirut on March 7, Thursday.

Known for blending sounds native to Turkey with contemporary house beats, Volkan Uca has become a staple in the club scene with hits including his well-regarded track “Istanbul.” The artist left behind a remarkable productive year in his career, with a series of engaging solo releases such as “Leticia”, “Fall In Love”, “Soulmate”, “Tonight”, “No One”, “Durante & Need A Little Time” and “Aliyulala”.

Volkan Uca’s influence in the music industry is further evidenced by The Sin Records’ debut catalogue success, notably with his remix for Hakan Akkuş’s “I Can’t Be” securing a spot on Spinnin’ Records. On March 7, he will perform at the Deir Al Kalaa Country Club, a members-only club nestled in the Lebanese mountains close to a historic Roman site. The venue offers a blend of green spaces and fresh air with views that span from the Sannine snowy mountains to the famed Lamartine's valley. Just 20 minutes from central Beirut, the club covers an area exceeding 15,000 sqm, promising an unforgettable experience.

The event, presented by AJ Management, promises an exclusive night of music and dance. For tickets, table and lounge reservations, contact: +96170919996

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