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YANDALI’s debut EP honours women’s bond with nature

Offering a vivid palette of organic house sounds, the ‘Yellis’ EP delves deep into Algeria’s Amazigh chants

  • 8 February 2024
YANDALI’s debut EP honours women’s bond with nature

YANDALI, a trio consisting of DJ/producer YANE, singer/songwriter Nabila Dali and oud virtuoso Ilyas Yassine, have released their debut EP, “Yellis”.

It emerges as a profound exploration into the heart of Algeria’s Amazigh culture, offering a vivid palette of organic house sounds, and delves deep into the Amazigh chants, tracing its roots back to the rich musical diversity inherent in Algeria's ancient traditions.

YANDALI masterfully crafts a poetic auditory voyage that captures the essence of the timeless relationship between Amazigh women and the natural world around them.

The trio’s music is a daring confluence of ancient Berber chants and the pulsating rhythms of modern electronic beats, delivering a unique auditory experience that traverses the rich landscapes of North African and Mediterranean heritage. YANDALI's journey looks to be a continuous exploration, where the threads of historical musical traditions are woven into the vibrant fabric of contemporary sound, echoing their dedication to the celebration of cultural expressions.

Alongside the title track “Yellis”, the EP also boasts an eclectic collection of six remixes from IZADORÄ, Ali Termos, Adwas, Ihan X Twelve, Majnoon and MI.LA.

Listen to it below.

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