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Anis Hachemi’s ‘Sabor EP’ is a fruitful collaboration with MoBlack and James Stewart

Released by MoBlack Records, the ‘Sabor EP’ is billed as a meeting point between African and Latin music

  • 24 January 2024
Anis Hachemi’s ‘Sabor EP’ is a fruitful collaboration with MoBlack and James Stewart

Doha-based producer Anis Hachemi has shared the ‘Sabor EP’, his new collaborative effort with rising producer James Stewart and the legendary MoBlack.

The EP comes as Anis Hachemi continues to be one of the most on-form emerging artists in the dance music world. His 2023 release ‘Finesse’, with DJ Emir, earned him unprecedented success and international attention. The single was released on Sparrow and Barbossa's Tortuga label and stayed on the Beatport charts for more than seven months. It also saw Anis being featured on the likes of BBC Radio 1.

Anis has since racked up millions of plays across various streaming sites, and his music has been praised by some of the biggest names in the business, such as Diplo, Maceo Plex, Joris Vroon, Luciano, Bob Sinclar, Eric Morillo, and Carl Cox.

For those who don’t know his backstory, Anis has released tracks under various aliases, with the artist previously operating as Sin Tek and Pure Analo.

He has found steady success under the Anis Hachemi moniker in the last few years. He has released several acclaimed collaborative remixes - such as with Alex Kaspersky for Deorbiting's ‘Pleasure Hypnotic Leisure Psychotic’, with BT for ‘Confunktion’, and with Jonatan Bäckelie & Ten Walls for ‘Anything But This’.

Anis’ ‘Sabor EP’ is a collaboration between himself, legendary artist MoBlack, and fellow emerging producer James Stewart. The EP was released in mid-January and contains a remix from Giu Diana along with the original cut.

Alongside its release, label MoBlack Records shared details about the EP, writing: "On their upcoming collaboration, Afro House renegades MoBlack, James Stewart and Anis Hachemi converge, fusing their creative energies to yield a vibrant sonic journey through the intricate concurrences of African and Latin music.”

And while that might all sound like flowery language, a brief listen to the Sabor EP makes the words feel justified. The tracks on the EP are, indeed, vibrant. The music here is heavily layered, so that from the moment you hit play you’re thrown straight into the textured, groove-laden shuffles and beats of African-meets-Latin music.

These are songs about “our ancestors”, as the voice at the start of ‘MBR573’ makes clear. Later, the rhythmic singing evokes the idea that ancestral sounds are literally being conjured up in the music.

The production is handled in such a way that nothing about the EP feels overly polished or studioslick; in fact, the songs feel like they’ve been recorded in a loose, live-setting environment, which adds to the pleasing groove.

The artists say that the ‘Sabor EP’ seeks to “coalesc[e] the spirit of nature with the nutritive power of sound to perpetuate the present.” Once again, it’s a simple case of listening to the tracks themselves to understand what they actually mean here.

The ‘Sabor EP’ is another exciting offering from Anis Hachemi.

Listen to the EP in full here:

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