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ARIINA unveils new techno cut ‘Decision’ on Lazuli Records

‘Decision’ is the Dubai producer’s second standalone release in 2024

  • 22 May 2024
ARIINA unveils new techno cut ‘Decision’ on Lazuli Records

Dubai-based DJ/producer ARIINA has released her latest techno track, ‘Decision’, on the Canada-based label Lazuli Records. The track combines melodic elements, acid soundscapes, a melodic break and a powerful drop, aiming to engage techno enthusiasts.

A notable aspect of the project is ARIINA's use of her own voice, which echoes the track's title and underscores the significance of decisiveness and staying true to one's path.

ARIINA has a discography with steady releases since her 2022 debut, on the labels the likes of Gain Records, Plazma Records (UK), Music4clubbers, Lazuli Records and Berlin Techno. Her 2023 EP ‘Delusive Reality’, which includes a remix by Deus Deserto, reached the top of Beatport's Peak Time Techno Top 100 chart upon its release.

‘Decision’ is ARIINA’s second standalone release in 2024, following on from ‘The Unseen World’ that was released early this year.

Listen to ‘Decision’ below.

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