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Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 allows you to access Beatport's music catalogue

The new feature, StreamingDirectPlay, provides you with over 11 million songs

  • 30 June 2023
Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 allows you to access Beatport's music catalogue

Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 has a new update which allows you to access Beatport’s full music catalogue while using the multi-player.

This new feature, known as StreamingDirectPlay, gives you access to over 11 million tracks accessible to DJ from the CDJ-3000 — similarly to the CloudDirectPlay feature that already exists on the system, that utilises rekordbox.

Available with the the new firmware 3.0 update, you can now browse, play and mix music without a laptop or USB just a reliable Wi-Fi connection and Beatport account.

Users' Beatport accounts must either be on Professional or Advanced plan to use the new feature — which will continue as usual with a song waveform and access to use loop, cue and Beat Sync features.

Users also can mix Beatport Streaming tracks with those from rekordbox CloudDirectPlay for a seamless DJ set.

According to Beatport's Beatportal editorial platform, the new CDJ-3000 integration is “a giant step forward in providing DJs with the ultimate flexibility over the way they source and play music in their sets”.

Commentators on social media highlighted when Pioneer DJ introduced the CloudDirectPlay for rekordbox feature, that due to the CDJ-3000s requirement for wired internet connection - and the fact many venues don't have one in place - means that the feature may not be completely practical.

"Rekordbox professional cloud is a great feature… as long as everywhere you play has CDJ 3000’s that are connected to the internet. Otherwise it’s a waste of 30 dollars a month," wrote Twitter user and DJ @iamfogo.

The CDJ-3000 was originally released in 2020 with its standout feature being its nine inch touchscreen which provides access to shortcuts and buttons for things like Search and Playlists.

Find out more in the video below.

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