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MO3Z remixes Shilpa Ananth and Alexandra Denda’s ‘i Dwell’

The remix is accompanied by an official music video

  • 12 June 2023
MO3Z remixes Shilpa Ananth and Alexandra Denda’s ‘i Dwell’

Shilpa Ananth and Alexandra Denda’s 2022 collaboration ‘i Dwell’ gets a remarkable remix by MO3Z.

The Dubai-based Indian artist Shilpa Ananth (pictured) and the Serbia-hailing Alexandra Denda's original track has received a fresh and captivating remix treatment from MO3Z, with an accompanying music video. Directed by Marta Lamovsek, the video is a visual feast enhanced by the intricate Video FX and Animation work by Aman Thangellapally.

MO3Z's remix breathes new life into ‘i Dwell’, infusing it with his signature electronic soundscapes. The track takes on a dynamic and pulsating energy, showcasing the artist's talent for reimagining songs in his own unique style.

Through their collaboration, Shilpa Ananth, Alexandra Denda and MO3Z have created a powerful blend of electronic and vocal elements, resulting in a remix that is both evocative and enchanting. The music video serves as a visual interpretation of the track, offering a unique perspective and adding another layer of depth to the sonic journey.

Watch the video below.

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